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Quiz? What Quiz?

"Das ganze Leben ist ein Quiz" is a well remembered fun song by the German commedian Hape Kerkeling. The title means something like "all your life is a quiz", which is pretty close to "everything is a story" ;)

I personally love riddles, trivia games and pub quizes. If you do, too, I challenge you to solve my little website-riddle. Ten quiz questions are "hidden" somewhere on my website. That you found this page proves to me, that you stumbled upon at least one.

You are hereby encouraged to find (and answer, of course) the other questions as well. When you have solved all ten questions, send me an email and win ... nothing, I am afraid. But you sure will have made my day a little brighter. And if you want, I will add your name to the hall of fame of the people who have solved Capellas website riddle:

No one here yet? Hey, you could be the first on the list!